Who We Are

At Kozmic Solutionz we believe passionately in a world where connecting people with brilliant technology enriches lives. We’re here to bring these ideas to you even if you’re not an expert..

We’re relentlessly testing and improving just to get that little bit better every day. From free shipping to listening to your product feedback, to getting the best deals – when we’re not quite there yet, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Mission

Kozmic Solutionz strives to empower, inspire and supply solutions thru tech.Tech is a tool, a hobby, a clever process, An art form … we have a tendency to unite these Forms of technology, put it in a box, wrap it with passion to deliver and name it Kozmic Solutionz!


You ought to feel assured in your ability to grasp what you’re buying before opening your cart. The clear presentation and breakdown of all-important data saves time for connoisseurs and empowers those while not a blinking hint.


Understanding technology opens the door to a world of creative possibilities. We want to tempt you into dabbling with something new. The bedroom programmers of the 80s helped to revive the video games industry and now has his own space tourism company. All of the greats start out with a bit of curiosity and a dream. We’ll supply the tools to help you build it!

Provide Solutions

In this day and age, work hours can be long, and the smallest task can become an inconvenience. Occasionally the technology gods give us a product that makes our lives easier… Sometimes this product is only suitable if we buy an adapter. We scream, “Why didn’t you pick up this adapter at all? Here at Kozmic Solutionz, our goal is to provide the solutions you need and make your life easier.

The Kozmic Solutionz - Way

Discovery, Clear Recommendation & Inspirational Concepts

Discover and learn about the latest technologies from the world’s top manufacturers. Read our buying tips through our emailers to help you make your selections, view our latest promotions to get started and subscribe to our email newsletter.

    Free Shipping and Hassle-Free Returns

    Quick delivery and easy returns are our top priority. We’ve kept it simple – all orders over R 600 will come with free delivery. Like any good maker, we’re always tweaking to ensure your experience with us is as seamless and hassle free as possible.

    Human Facilitate

    If something goes wrong (fingers crossed nothing shall!) our team is available to help with getting started, returns or maybe just someone to speak to before making that valuable purchase. Our friendly experts are just a click away (email, telephone, Facebook… you name it we’ve got it!).

    Kozmic Solutionz Over The Years

    Since 2005, Kozmic Solutionz has been a place for our community to experiment, make and indulge in their pursuits. We’re determined to keep the flame alive, in whatever form it may take in the future… Until now we have served over a Million customers!!

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