Armaggeddon MKO-13R Enterprise Gaming Keyboard

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-HotswapTech Optical Induction Blue Mechanical Switches
-Zero Wear and Zero Contact of Metal Contact Trigger enhances reliability
-Signal Output Waveform has no fluctuations compared to the ordinary mechanical switches
Consistent Quality OUTEMU Switch with Less than 10g Variance in work/tactile force, compared to 15g in Most Other Brands
-104 RGB Blue Mechanical Switches with Full N-Key Rollover
-100 Million Times of cycle lifespan for both mechanical components and electronics in switches tested at a rate of 180 cycles per minutes

Total Travel: 4.00mm
Work Travel: 1.60±0.5mm
Work Force: 50±10gf
Tactile / Operation Force: 60±10gf
Tactile Travel: 1.20mm
Min. Trigger Force: 30gf min.
End Force: 65gf max
Top Panel: Metal Plate
Cable: 1.8m Length with Magnetic Ring


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