Huawei 4G Mobile Hotspot Mobile Router

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Huawei 4G Mobile Hotspot Mobile Router 4G high-speed mobile hotspot Can connect up to 16 devices to the internet such as tablets, phones, laptops and gaming consoles Fast download speeds of 150 Mbps Get online when you travel, in your car and on the move Use worldwide across Europe, Africa and Asia

R899.00 R799.00


Huawei 4G Mobile Hotspot Mobile Router

Ultra Fast Speed
Enjoy fast, reliable WiFi access any time, any place for your devices such as laptops, mobiles, tablets and more. Huawei E5576 is unlocked to all networks and ideal for use by anyone. Simply insert a SIM card of your choice and you’re ready to go.

Fast start up
The Huawei E5576 can get you online quickly so you can connect quickly. Use worldwide and roam without worrying about high charges.

Incredible battery life
With an excellent 1500mah battery, this mobile hotspot has a great battery life. This mobile wifi device is small, slim and lightweight.


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