Yage USB Mosquito-Lured Lamp White

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Yage USB Mosquito-Lured Lamp White

New Generation Yage USB Mosquito-Lured Lamp is an Eco-Friendly Unit Used for Trapping Mosquitos & Flies


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Yage USB Mosquito-Lured Lamp White


The new generation Yage USB Mosquito-Lured Lamp is an eco-friendly unit used for effectively trapping Mosquitos and flies without the use of pesticides, chemical sprays, and unpleasant odors.

The units have a 360-degree air intake design and a purple light lamp attracting Mosquitos from all directions.

The Mosquitos are sucked into the storage room by the fan and then dehydrated by air drying.

The lamp has no electric shock noise and odor, the air is fresh and safe.

The product has a soft light as a night light, which does not affect sleep and creates a comfortable sleeping environment for you.

Important safety information:
– Unplug the power first before cleaning the mosquito storage box.
– Do not put your hand in the machine or move the mosquito lamp while the product is
switched on.
– Do not use in places where ultraviolet rays are intense and fluorescent lamps are
– Do not use outdoors when it rains to avoid damaging the internal electronic components.
(When not in use, place the mosquito trap in a cool and dry place.)
– Keep the mosquito trap away from children. Do not use it as a toy.

Please see user manual for Instructions of use

– Item: mosquito UV lamp
– Power Consumption: AC 110V-220V/50-60Hz, 3.4W
– Intelligent Light Sensing: Day & Night
– Product weight: 460 grams
– Warranty
– 6 Month Limited

What’s in the box
1x Mosquito UV Lamp


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